Master Course

Admission Policy

This major field, specializing in health, medical care and welfare, is seeking human resources who are well motivated to become educators, researchers or practical trainers with a research-oriented way of thinking.

To select such human resources, we give priority to those who have the following qualities:

  • Well-rounded humanity, high sense of ethics and profound sensitivity to understand the dignity of life or feeling of the sick
  • Basic scholastic ability to have education majoring the hygiene discipline and an enthusiastic motivation to contribute, with the acquired deep expertise and theoretical way of thinking, to the promotion of people's health in the regional and global societies
  • A great deal of interest in hygiene and a high motivation to pursue its essence, and a positive stance to make subjective study and self-development
  • A strong will to become an educator/researcher at hygienic university in future and contribute to promotion of people's health
  • Learning of scientific knowledge and methodology, acquirement of highly advanced technologies and research-oriented mind for practical trainers with strong will who contribute to promotion of people's health