Doctor Course

Doctor Course

Expectations of the Graduates

Throughout the education of this course, we aim to foster educators and researchers who are capable of carrying out creative and advanced research and development as well as practical trainers and leaders of organizations in the practical field of health care. Examples of recruitment opportunities open to graduates after the completion of this course include the following:
  • People capable of being engaged in education and carrying out creative research at universities and graduate schools of health science and/or medical institutions.
  • People capable of becoming practical trainers or administrators with research-oriented minds and serving foundation hospitals as chief nursing officers, chief technological officers, medical radiation technicians, medical technicians and other kinds of specialists.
  • People capable of serving medical corporations by developing diagnostic products and medical equipments for diagnosis and treatment.
  • People who are resolved to complete the doctoral course, become an educator or a researcher at universities of health sciences and contribute to the enhancement of peoplefs health.
  • People who are capable of becoming instructors or administrators at governmental or international institutions.

Curriculum Features

We employ 33 full-time teaching staff and allocate many teachers per student in order to secure a full-fledged education and research training. Not only do our teaching staff have expertise in the field of healthcare (including nursing, quantum radiation science and medical technology), but they also have made outstanding achievements in various other academic fields related to medical care; medical science, engineering and sociology. We aim to foster professionals who are capable of being involved in the promotion of holistic medicine including health maintenance and enhancement, disease prevention, early detection and health education, which are now in more demand than ever in our society.

While the doctoral course of health science is basically designed for students who will major in nursing, quantum radiation science (radiological technology) or medical technology, students who have degrees in different fields are also eligible. Such students will be able to obtain basic knowledge relating to health science by taking courses suitable to their needs among the many courses open at the graduate or undergraduate level of the Department of Health Sciences.