Doctor Course

Doctor Course

The Doctoral Course of Health Science; Background and Purposes

The role of medicine has expanded from diagnosis and treatment of illness to its prevention and the enhancement of health, in order to meet the demand of not only ill persons, but of everyone who wishes to lead a healthy and dignified life. This is providing ever increasing roles for health science experts to play in contemporary society; in the field of nursing science, quantum radiation science (radiological science) and medical technology science.

Since the establishment of the Health Science Department in April 2003, we have focused on producing graduates who possess a strong sense of humility and sufficient knowledge of the health sciences, are capable of meeting the social demand for medicine, and are also capable of becoming researchers and educators. In April 2007, we also established the Graduate School of Medical Science with a Master's course in health science with the express purpose of nurturing gresearchers and educators who are capable of creative research and development in the field of health science, and persons with a scholarly mind who can make contributions to practical medicine and become the leaders of medical organizations.h

In April 2009, we added doctoral courses to the Department of Health Science. Our basic goal is to achieve a high level of scholarship in the field of health science and develop researchers and educators who are capable of independent research, and also versatile graduates capable of practicing medicine as well as research and education in the field of nursing and medical technology. The doctoral courses of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy have already commenced on the same campus. We will promote cooperation across different medical disciplines, create an educational base and research center for health science, and finally return the fruits of our labors back to the local community and international society.

Admission Policy

Admission to this course is offered to students based on the criteria described below. Our students, majoring in the field of health science, are expected to possess the will to become an educator/researcher capable of independent research, or a practical leader with a scholarly mind who can serve the field of clinical medicine and/or play an active role in businesses.
  • Those with a rich sense of humility, who possess the ethics and sensitivity required to sympathize with the sick and understand the dignity of life.
  • Those who have acquired the basic scholastic foundation required to receive an education in health science, the desire to acquire deep expertise and apply logical thinking in the doctoral course, and utilize one's achievements to contribute to the promotion of health in both the local community and global society.
  • Those who have a strong interest in and a will to pursue the essence of health science and are self-motivated in their studies and self-development.
  • Those who have a strong willingness to complete the doctoral course, become an educator or a researcher at universities of health science and contribute to the enhancement of peoplefs health.
  • Those who have a strong will to apply and study scientific knowledge and methodology, master highly-advanced skills and become a practical trainer who is capable of carrying out independent research in the field of health science and contribute to the enhancement of peoplefs health.
  • Bachelors and Masterfs degree holders outside of health science who are considered to possess sufficient ability to receive education in health science.