Doctor Course

Doctor Course


Common Subjects
Health Science Medical English

Specialized Subjects
Reseach Method in Nursing Educational Method Special Seminar in Nursing Educational Method
Care and Support System in Health I Care and Support System in Health II
Pediatric,Maternal,Womens health care system I Pediatric,Maternal,Womens health care system II
Community Nursing I Community Nursing II
Quantum Radiation Science and Technology I Quantum Radiation Science and Technology II
Clinical Quantum Science I Clinical Quantum Science II
Biological Sciences and Technology Biological Sciences and Technology II
Medical Science and Technology I Medical Science and Technology II

PhD Research in Health Science

Degree Requirements

To complete the doctoral course, students must be enrolled in the course for more than 3 years, complete 14 or more credits and pass the doctoral dissertation screening and the final examination. Students choose appropriate courses under the supervisorfs instruction and earn 14 credits in total; 4 credits from common courses in health science, at least a total of 4 credits split between lectures and seminars at 2 credits each, and 6 credits of special healthcare research. In respect to the enrollment period, students who are considered to have achieved outstanding academic results by the graduate school faculty council may dispense with one year of enrollment.

Courses and Admissions

Major Courses Places Available
Health Science ETraining Course for Educators and Researchers of Nursing Science
ETraining Course for Educators and Researchers of Medical Technology
(including a few currently employed persons and international students)