Master Course


Outline of the Nursing Course

Nursing science is a practical discipline to support people at various levels of health conditions and is also an academic pursuit of healthcare.

In our Nursing Course we have two categories.
One is Fundamental and Clinical Nursing in which we aim to foster practical trainers and supervisors for contribution to innovation of clinical sites. The other is Developmental and Community Health Nursing in which we aim to foster human resources who are capable to work as educators and researchers in administrative or educational institutions.

The category of the Fundamental and Clinical Nursing deals with the education and research related to the nursing science which includes nursing education, nursing management and nursing ethics. At the same time, it pursues education and researches for extensive applications and practices of nursing care for those who are diseased under various health conditions which are related to the bedside nursing.

In the category of the Developmental and Community Health Nursing, from the viewpoint of lifetime development including maternal-infant and women's health, we provide education and research in clinical and regional fields which are related to the gender and reproductive matters throughout the life stage of women including pregnancy, delivery, puerperal or newborn care and puberty. Furthermore, systematic education and researches are conducted with regard to the characteristics of regional health support system as well as the healthcare techniques for individuals, families and regional communities.


Curriculum Features

<Units of Credit for Acquirement>

  • 1. Common Subjects: 6 or more units
    Students are required to take and acquire 6 or more units out of the common subjects
  • 2. Specialized Subjects: 14 or more units
    Students are required to take and acquire 14 or more units including at least 10 units of the special research in the specialized subjects within the field designated by the educator, 2 units of lecture and 2 units of seminar.
  • 3. Students are required to take and acquire another 10 or more necessary units out of the common subjects and specialized subjects in each course.
  • 4. As for the specialized subjects, students may take and acquire those of other fields within the majored curriculum.

Common Subjects --- 8 courses

  • Advanced Medicine
  • Health Science Research
  • International Society and Multidisciplinary Care
  • IT in Health and Medicine
  • Administration of Clinical Medicine and Safety
  • Medical Treatment and Bioethics
  • Nursing Supports for Cancer Medical Treatment
  • Consultation

Specialized Subjects / Nursing Course--- 21 courses

  • Nursing Research 1
  • Nursing Research 2
  • Advanced Nursing Education
  • Nursing Organization and Management
  • Advanced Fundamental Nursing T
  • Advanced Fundamental Nursing U
  • Advanced Clinical Nursing@T
  • Advanced Clinical Nursing @U
  • Advanced Maternal and Pediatric Nursing
  • Advanced Reproductive Health Nursing
  • Advanced Community Health Nursing T
  • Advanced Community Health Nursing U
  • Advanced Oncology Nursing
  • Support in Oncology Nursing
  • Practice in Oncology Nursing T
  • Practice in Oncology Nursing@U
  • Practice in Oncology Nursing V
  • Clinical Practice in Oncology Nursing T
  • Clinical Practice in Oncology Nursing@U
  • Graduation Thesis
  • Special Research on Nursing