Master Course

Medical Quantum Science

Outline of the Medical Quantum Science Course

The clinical medical quantum science is an academic field related to radiology and medical science and engineering. In this field, we foster human resources who will be developed into practical bedside trainers, university researchers and the developers of new medical equipment in industries. We have two courses of the Fundamental Medical Quantum Science and the Clinical Medical Quantum Science.

Our Fundamental Medical Quantum Science deals with the education and research regarding the generation of quantum radiations including photons and particle beams, the image of particle functions, the cross-interaction with the biological substances of basic morphological image, the biological effects of quantum radiation, the extraction of biological data and imaging.

In the Clinical Medical Quantum Science, we educate and research about the clinical themes such as the characteristics of the medical image obtained by various diagnostic imaging instruments in use of quantum radiations including photons and particle beams, analysis of images, image data management, utilization of image data combined with plural modalities and computer-aided system of support diagnosis.


Curriculum Features

<Units of Credit for Acquirement>

  • 1. Common Subjects: 6 or more units
    Students are required to take and acquire 6 or more units out of the common subjects
  • 2. Specialized Subjects: 14 or more units
    Students are required to take and acquire 14 or more units including at least 10 units of the special research in the specialized subjects within the field designated by the educator, 2 units of lecture and 2 units of seminar.
  • 3. Students are required to take and acquire another 10 or more necessary units out of the common subjects and specialized subjects in each course.
  • 4. As for the specialized subjects, students may take and acquire those of other fields within the majored curriculum.

Common Subjects --- 8 courses

  • Advanced Medicine
  • Health Sciences in Asia
  • International Society and Multidisciplinary Care
  • IT in Health and Medicine
  • Administration of Clinical Medicine and Safety
  • Medical Treatment and Bioethics
  • Nursing Supports for Cancer Medical Treatment
  • Consultation

Specialized Subjects / Medical Quantum Science Course --- 12 courses

  • Molecular & functional imaging technology
  • Quantum Radiation Therapy
  • Fundamental Theory of Electromagnatic Wave
  • Fundamental Quantum Mechanics
  • Medical Image and Information Sciences
  • Information Theory for Medical Physics
  • Medical Image Sciences
  • Practice in molecular & functional imaging technology
  • Practice in Quantum Radiation Therapy
  • Practice in Quantum Radiation Technology
  • Practice in Medical Image and Information Sciences
  • Special Research on Quantum Radiation Science